THE CITY is an original graphic novel written by Choi David and illustrated by Dicky Siregar.

“LEAVE THE CITY IF YOU WANT TO LIVE,” War is in the air once again, as organized crime syndicates of the inner and outer City clash to fight for power and vengeance.  Jericho, an aging ex-militia general that kept the peace of the City finds that his heroic feats are long forgotten, as K, a charismatic leader of the slums rises to seek revenge against him.  Guerrilla warfare ignites, as unimaginable terror blazes through the City, and Jericho begins to realize that it may not be as simple as it used to be.

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Jericho, The Legion

President and ex-militia general of The Legion that helped unify and protect the City from organized crime syndicates some 40 years ago. Once revered as the City’s hero, now he is a controversial power figure criticized for having too much influence. He has grown bitter with age, and long wishes to return to his glory days. His weapon of choice is ‘Sweet Wendy’, a sawed-off shotgun that he carries with him inside his suit.

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K, Les Freres Devereux

K is the leader chosen by the refugees of the Great Concrete Ruins of the Outer City. He and his brothers have proven to be instrumental to the people of the slums by swiftly carrying out elaborate heists and sharing the wealth. Cunning and ambitious, K wishes to make it out of the ruins and assimilate his people into the City like how past syndicate leaders did before him.

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Comox, Ghosts

A young prince trained from birth, destined to be his tribe’s greatest warrior. Carefully mentored by his uncle, Comox is currently on his walkabout and is expected to one day become the leader his mysterious ancient tribe. And there is no ground worthier for a deadly walkabout than the City.

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Choi David, Writer

Choi David is a Korean-Canadian writer living in Toronto, Ontario. He studied Writing for Film & TV at Vancouver Film School, where he started the treatment for The City. David has worked as a story consultant for short and feature film projects in Canada, USA, and Korea.


Dicky Siregar, Illustrator

Dicky Siregar is the illustrator behind The City, and a graduate of Algonquin College’s acclaimed Animation-Television & Graphic Design program in Ottawa. Originally from Indonesia, Dicky has now found home in Toronto, where he works as a freelance illustrator in the film & animation industry.


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