Back from Fan Expo Toronto 2021!

Three Grueling, but Equally Satisfying Days of Fan Expo has finally come to an End!
We sold over 200 merch including over 100 copies of The City: Chapter 1 (black & white edition)!
Not only that, we have met some very cool artists and vendors as well as live feedback of The City from Fan Expo guests.
It was an INCREDIBLE experience and we would like to thank our awesome Kickstarter backers for making it happen!
What to expect next from the team:
-We are currently in search for a colourist
-Chapter 2 storyboarding is finalizing
-Backer digital deliverables will be sent by next week
-More pop-ups are being organized around downtown Toronto
Thanks everyone!
Until next time!

Fan Expo 2021 -See you Friday!

Introducing Colours to The City and One Other Update