The City – Factions: Khanevadeh & Les Immigris

The concrete ruins of the Outer City is where it all begins for most refugees, but after generations of survival and careful societal growth, groups eventually leave to inhabit other regions.  Khanevadeh is one of the oldest criminal organizations of the Outer City, and they have developed and flourished the Northern tip of the Outer City into a scenic harbour community.  They have managed to maintain their wealth and prosperity of their region by becoming regular cooperators of The Legion. South of the Outer City is becoming a fast growing urban hub with many industrial developments.  There has been many wars for the control of the South, but the Les Immigris came victorious.  As with the Khanevadeh, Les Immigris have long followed the rule of The Legion and prospered during the era of peace.  Although these organizations have long seen their last gun fight, an opportunity to seize the City is worth risking everything.


Pledge the City has Begun!

7 Days to Pledge the City!