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Evoke – Shaun Benjamin

Kid Singapore all the way from NYC


It feels like it was yesterday, chilling with the Kid in Brooklyn listening to him jam with various musicians that came through his studio. From instrumentalists to vocal artists, it was an inspiring scene to watch as I sat in a corner drinking and smoking cigarettes that I would mooch off him. Fast forward years later, here we are, with Shaun Benjamin’s latest album ‘Evoke’. It’s crazy to think that I was fortunate enough to have listened to these tracks while they were still being developed and molded into something that he envisioned. Favourites will always be favourites, and tracks like ‘Robber Barrons’ and ‘Desolate’ have a special sentimental place in me. I remember how ‘Desolate’ kept evolving and evolving into something different every time I listened. It seemed to me that it took a different turn with each update, and I would tell Shaun that I wasn’t ‘sure’ of his latest edit. In the beginning it didn’t sound like a jungle beat, then the drums changed, then there was a bridge leading to a second part, and at one point there was a voiced intro; it was all madness. But it grew on me, and it’s probably one of the best tracks that describes who he is -a motherfucking savage.

Now based in Queens, Shaun Benjamin has morphed into, as mentioned above, a motherfucking savage, of a producer. His signature raw texture is still evident, his production style ever so confident. Check out his new-new on the Soundcloud links below, and also check out some early articles we wrote about him on our blog.



Debut album “Evoke” by multi Instrumentalist and live musician Shaun Benjamin. The Label of Earthly Delights: Uniting artists from across the globe we believe in creating culturally diverse soundscapes which capture ethnically rich musical inspirations; from driving rhythms and hypnotic percussion to enchanting melodies and often spellbinding vocals We believe in pushing the boundaries of genres and hope to entrance the listeners and dancefloors with multiplicity of sounds. More Info & Content:

More of Shaun in SERAZARD:

Crimdella X Kid Singapore – Bedstuy Jam Session Freestyle

Encounter with the Kid

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